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millefleur & metal luster corkers
About us.

F. Albrecht Phone/Fax: (707) 575-3384 • PO Box 11571 • Santa Rosa, California 95406

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We will spill no wine before its time!
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May the corks be with you!
We make and sell handcrafted artform topped bottle stoppers that employ high-grade replaceable tapered corks. They fit a wide range of bottles, including wine, oil, vinegar, etc. The non porous cork prevents leakage of liquid out or air in and does not absorb previous flavors into the cork.  Just clean with a handi-wipe or cloth damp with hydrogen peroxide and re-use; detailed care and handling information comes with the Corker, although it isn't brain surgery.
Craft show goers are familiar with our corkers, they also kind heartedly endure our entertaining 'seminars' on how these bottle stoppers work. Our prices range is from $5.50-$7.25 (for big custom orders) to $10-$17.95 depending on artwork chosen and volume of corkers (progressive discounts and you can mix and match designs).

We travel quite a bit so mail or email orders are tough for us in this age where folks click a button for their goods. We have to US mail or fax you our somewhat complicated and limited orderform. It is always better to get the corks in person. For over 2 decades our studio has created many handcrafted designs in several medias, from kiln fired enamel on copper and classic colorful millefleur glass, to non bone faux etched scrimshaw style, to hand painted wood tops. For example, some of our enamels are on 18 guage copper fired at 850C with thompson enamel colors.  We sift colors onto raw copper with designs built up using enamel powders employing traditional techniques of wet packing, gold leaf, hand-stencilling, metal lustres & enamel paints.  Contact us for more info regarding other processes with do.   We offer some custom work as well!  Specific stock selection is more easily available in person but send us money and we'll send you corks. We now take credit/debit cards. Checks or M.O.'s are payable to F. Albrecht Box 11571 Santa Rosa CA 95406 

One size fits all!
Busy not Leaking!
Contacting Us
We always offer lifetime replacement for the cork part of ours and our 'sister' studios corkers (Eale). Some of you know us as ReCorkers (don't worry, you're in the right place). Mail the artwork w/wood handle to F. Albrecht Box 11571 Santa Rosa CA 95406. Use a 6X9" manila envelope, postage is now about $1.34-$1.51 for one, wrap the artwork with any protective material (ie.,paper toweling). Throw in $2 per corker & (if handy) a few stamps. We supply return envelope & postage. Do not send in the 'display' stand, please.
You can phone or fax us at (707) 575-3384 M-F 10-5PM PACIFIC TIME (please, East Coast folks, we need our sleep!) Be patient, we will eventually get back to you. We travel frequently.  You can email us below. E-mail us!
Click these thumbnails here and it might help you get a better sense of what we have happening both now and historically.   The glass beaded millefleur designs are unique so you can't order the exact same images depicted here, we'll attempt to get you close to the predominant colors you want but no guarantees.  You'll need our physical orderform in your hands to order corkers: including the color enamels A1-A30.   I, stupidly, have other color enamels listed A-1 thru A-8 on another sheet, soooo......please write in A-1 'sun' or A-7 'chile peppers' if referring to these images.  Again, we have many more designs not shown, so suggest what design you'd like when ordering, we might have it.  If you've lost your yellow instruction sheet (or never received one) we can mail you some.  Some designs we do are not available at certain craft shows since they have stringent requirements on types of  work they allow, so, alas, we obey.  Crafters/promoters looking us up to verify we are who we are (not buy/sell); we're actually the same folk that have been at this since the early eighties.   We strategically market them under two names, which might be confusing; we'll happily provide documentation!  Have a fab time surfing the e-cosmos when you're done with us!